Goals & Objectives

Our Program Goals

INSPIRE – new directions, hopes, dreams, and a passion for life.

BUILD CAPACITY – by developing and strengthening the skills, knowledge, perspectives, and self-confidence needed to make positive contributions to families, communities, and regional decision-making processes.

CONNECT – to Inuit culture, skills, and values; to neighboring Inuit youth; to inspiring leaders and role models; to broad perspectives and worldviews.

EXPAND MINDS – by participating in a locally relevant and interdisciplinary education program fostering an appreciation for life-long learning.

Our Program Objectives

The kANGIDLUASUk Student Program is dedicated to providing positive, meaningful, and transformative opportunities for Nunatsiavut and Nunavik youth to:

  1. Live, learn, and work in community with Arctic researchers, Inuit leaders, and elders to acquire hands-on work experience, build scientific capacity, and gain exposure to the relationships and connections between Inuit ways of knowing, science, and research.
  2. Experience traditional Inuit skills, values, knowledge, and customs while exploring the Torngat Mountains as a shared Inuit homeland and connect their past through the stories and experience of Inuit leaders and elders.
  3. Gain an awareness of, and engage in, experiences connected to the management of protected areas, heritage resource conservation, and northern tourism development.
  4. Develop a variety of leadership and employability skills, and increase their understanding and awareness of the education and acquisition of skills required for future employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.